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Waste Management

Waste Management is very important in modern society.Everyday a lots of waste is generated if this wastes are not recycled properly it will mix with the environment and many people will suffer different type of problems.Sometimes it may cause serious diseases like cancer.WHEF has taken Secondary Transfer Station project for doing these work of waste management properly so that all the waste are recycled properly and it ensures to keep the air purified so that it does not have any bad effect on environment.

Our Ongoing Programs Area:

  1. Dhaka City Corporation . 
  2. Noakhali pourashava 
  3. Kabirhat pouroshova, noakhali
  4. Chandpur pourashava
  5. WHEF has done the work of sweeping and cleaning also in different parts of the country. Primary waste collection and disposal in Chandpur, Hajiganj Municipalities.  Madhovdi, Narshindhi, Muktagacha, Mymensingh Municipalities. 


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