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Waste Health and Education Foundation (WHEF) is a non- political, non –profitable, non-governmental and voluntary developing Organization formed with the initiatives of a few committed and dedicated social workers and philanthropists. Waste Health and Education Foundation (WHEF) was established on 02-03-2008 with an aim to promote human and socio-economic development for the under privileged people living in rural area. To achieve the aim, Waste Health and Education Foundation (WHEF) has taken various steps/programs/training for the rural people from its journey. To achieve the aim, Waste Health and Education Foundation (WHEF) organizes the rural people who are living under poverty line to improve their livelihood. This organization is initiated by some generous patrons, for the improvement of the socio- economic condition of rural & urban communities as well as dissemination of information about development to the under privileged people. The philosophy of Waste Health and Education Foundation (WHEF) is based on the conviction “the paramount need of the men/ women/ Children both urban and rural is not relief but release from the prison of poverty”, its main focus is to promote the socio -economic conditions of the under- privileged, distillates landless and economically poor people especially women through Organization, Informal Education, Health Training, Participation, environment friendly socioeconomic development of the targeted people, Tree Plantation, cleaning Waste and garbage from door to door, School and rural & urban areas all over the Bangladesh as long as possible.


The goal of Waste Health and Education Foundation (WHEF) is to improve the socio - economic status of the under privileged people. To promote the Socio- economic status of under privileged men / women/ children both urban and rural through motivation,organizing, non-formal education, training and mobilizing available resources, i.e. manpower, water and soil. Waste Health and Education Foundation (WHEF) focuses on 2 fundamental inter-related objectives, which are alleviation of property and empowerment to powerless people for achieving its goals and objectives.


Waste Health & Education Foundation (WHEF) envisages making the country economically productive and equitable, socially just and bettering quality of life. It establishes healthy environment for present & next generation.


Positive change of life of the poor people of backward dominated area. Waste Health and Education Foundation (WHEF) is committed to mainstreaming the backward community through mobilizing the people for taking steps against superstitions, social injustice, discrimination, corruption and abuse to ensure fundamental human rights and increase accessibility to the public resources, besides develop skill working tem and working strategy. Waste Health and Education Foundation (WHEF) desires to make the organization financially and structurally strong ensuring optimum utilization of public and private resources as well as collecting resources from internal and external sources. The organization is committed to ensure people’s participation, develop participatory decision making process , implement friendly eco environment taking proper steps, develop socioeconomic condition of the targeted people, improve quality of work and mobilize peoples support for reaching the goal. These are the mission of Waste Health and Education Foundation (WHEF).


The objectives of Waste Health and Education Foundation (Whef) are to -

  • To raise awareness on moral and legal rights and undertake of adequate arrangement protecting these rights within the community.
  • To provide financial and technical support to enhance capacity and create employment opportunity among destitute and landless people
  • To ensure basic right of poor and vulnerable children, person with disability and lagged section of the community.
  • To create appropriate atmosphere of women empowerment through building up a better gender relation and implement the social economic and human rights of women.
  • To take primary care of health of rural mass and help to build happy family.
  • To introduce suitable program conserving the balance of ecology and promote community participation , towards the program.
  • To arrange seminar, workshop, research and publication in order to establish social unity, economic emancipation and exposing human and cultural values.
  • To increase Literacy rate of the community people.
  • Clean school development urban waste sweep and clean all over Bangladesh.
  • To ensure Employment creation through need base IGA program.
  • To control total population among the project beneficiaries.
  • To develop Water & Sanitation facilities in the project area.
  • The ensure Human Rights among the community People.
  • To increase Social forestation.
  • To develop Sound environmental situation in the project area
  • To establish Social justice in the community level.
  • To reduction the poverty alleviation of disadvantage rural & urban people.
  • To change the socio- economic condition of disadvantage rural & urban people.

Specific Objectives:

Waste Health & Education Foundation ( WHEF) always try to fulfill the fundamental rights (Foods, Cloths, Habitation, Treatment & Education) of underprivileged people of rural and urban areas as long as possible.

Network List [Local and National]:

  • গণ সাক্ষরতা অভিযান
  • Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE)
  • Peoples Health Movement(PHM)
  • Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon(BAPA)
  • Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  • মাদকদ্রব্য নিয়ন্ত্রন অধিদপ্তর, স্বরাষ্টর মন্ত্রণালয়.
  • Voluntary Health Services Society (VHSS)
  • Family Planning Association in Bangladesh
  • NGO Forum for Pure Drinking Water And Supply
  • Federation of NGOs in Bangladesh(FNB)
  • International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
  • Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF)
  • Disaster Management Bureau (DMB)
  • Muslim AID


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